Flavors that will surprise you. The scoundrel gastronomic offer awaits you in Rocala Sevilla. Do you dare to enter the universe ROCALA?

In a clear homage to its founder, D. José Rodríguez Cala, Grupo La Raza He opened in March 2016 a new store in the city: Rocala, name is formed by the union of their two surnames Rodriguez and CALA.

Rocala It was initially located in a historic building in the Great Plaza, where it has been open for more than three years. In a second stage, Rocala has moved to another mythical building in the city, in this case in the old town: on Álvarez Quintero street 10, next to the Plaza del Salvador.

True to the rogue and groundbreaking philosophy of its beginnings, Rocala begins a new phase in continuity with the previous one, in which it continues to bet on quality cuisine made with fresh and seasonal products but with the freshness and modernity of new gastronomic trends, and now under the gastronomic direction of Jorge Manfredi, group executive chef.

Rocala not only offers a different gastronomic concept, but a culinary experience with a menu whose dishes capture the senses from the first bite. Flavors of always and today in dishes with presentations that surprise and convince the most exquisite palates

A kitchen with its own personality and that has become a benchmark with dishes that are already classic from Rocala, like the Totillitas de Bacalao and Ortiguillas; boneless pork ribs with their legendary Jack Daniel's sauce; or the dessert Building a Cookie, that remain in this new stage along with others just as surprising as the Gofre-Pizza de Hortalizas con Bacon, Smoked cheese and arugula; the Old Clothes Taco Mex, Beetroot Pico de Gallo, Mango and Tartar; or Cod Rossini with Cashew Pesto, Sicilian Old and Salted Cheese, among others.

In this new stage, Rocala returns with renewed strength to once again position itself as one of the revelation restaurants of recent years in the Sevillian hospitality industry, endorsed by the awards received since it opened its doors in the spring of 2016:

  • Top Award Competition traditional Pinchos and Tapas in Valladolid 2016.
  • First prize Gourmet Sevilla Tapas Week 2016.
  • Top Masters Award Cruzcampo 2016.
  • GURME Seville ABC Award for Best Opening 2016 by popular vote.
  • Stoves prize Sevilla, Gourmet awarded by the Association of Sevilla, to Rocala as Revelation Establishment 2016.

Do you dare to enter the universe Rocala?